It is our duty to give our children the best education possible. That comes from well compensated teachers and effective curriculum. We must keep activism out of our schools!
  • Increase teacher pay

  • Implement school choice

  • Give parents a say in their children's education

  • Keep Critical Race Theory out of our schools


Our sovereignty is being challenged at our southern border. We must stop the crossings of illegal immigrants and step in where the federal government fails to act. We must defend our border.

  • Stop illegal border crossings

  • Enforce our border when the federal government will not

  • Vet everyone coming in to this country

Property taxes must be reformed. By allowing new industry to enter Texas and taxing those entities, such as casinos, we can eliminate property tax for those who most deserve it.
  • Eliminate property taxes for disabled veterans.
  • Eliminate property taxes for the elderly
  • Maintain a 0% income tax rate
We must support our law enforcement officers and give them the freedom to do their job. We must keep criminals off the streets and protect all citizens rights to self autonomy.
  • I support the police and oppose the defund movement

  • Stop releasing violent criminals back into society

  • I support medical freedom

Texas is bringing businesses from all over the country, and the world, due to our low taxes and favorable market conditions. Government doesn't create business, it creates the environment for business to thrive or die.
  • Continue to build a pro-business environment in Texas
  • Attract new business to the state
  • Attract new jobs to the state

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